Removal of Builders Club Exclusive items

As a Roblox developer, I find it very pointless to have BC only items nowadays.
I will explain below…

Also, if this thread already exists - sorry. I have tried to search it.
Nothing really appeared.

BC Exclusive items feature was introduced somewhere in 2010-2012. I don’t really remember.
If you don’t have a Builders Club, you aren’t allowed to purchase the item.

An example of such item is my Eyepatch. It costs R$100.
There’s many other eyepatches, so why would this one be exclusive?

Reasons to completely remove this feature:

  • I haven’t really seen new items that are exclusive to the BC, TBC or OBC lately.
    I think the latest item which had BC Exclusive tag, was Grim Glow.

  • We already have removed BC Groups and BC Games.
    So why are items staying there?
    It’s not like free player can get Tix anymore…
    They can buy Robux, get paid by a group or simply make them from development.

  • This was advertised as one of the BC Beta features.
    It’s 2019 already. How much does a “Beta” of items that could be NBC last?
    Unless we are talking about DayZ Standalone…

  • You can’t really search up the BC items.
    There is no property for that.

  • Builders Club is slowly taking a developer approach.
    No doubt. Most of the players are “customers” though.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would make purchases way easier.
We could also be able to sell those items in-game to people who don’t own BC, but bought Robux.


Gonna take a leap here and try to root for Roblox on this one. I’d like to first address the BC groups thing: AFAIK, this is incorrect. Group owners still have the ability to set the group to BC only. Whether this works still is beyond me, but it’s still there.

Now before I get into this weird rant, I’d like to say that you’re most definitely correct about Roblox not creating a lot of BC-only content anymore. Why that is, is beyond me. Maybe they find it the current content is enough? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Now, I don’t know how much revenue Builders Club generates Roblox in contrast to advertisement income / Robux purchases etc., but I definitely do not see Builders Club taking a “developer approach”.
You must consider that Builders Club is the only way to receive Robux other than outright buying it, using group funds, or an appending a purchasable item to your game. That is absolutely a huge reason to buy BC.

While I agree Roblox has been removing a lot of BC-specific things, they still need to give BC some form of incentive. Take a look at OBC - they’ve removed a couple of the major things they had initially: Outrageous Cast, and Dark theme. However, everything else about it stayed the same. 100 Robux. 100 Groups. 100 Places. But a major component was gone: the theme (it was absolutely fantastic ok.) Now there’s DevEx. Because of this, if you want to be a developer with the intent on capitalising on Roblox, the only way you can do this is through OBC. This is a brilliantly fantastic substitute to give OBC more incentive (not saying it wasn’t before! This is entirely subjective on the consumer.)

So what I’m trying to get here is, while some of us may not like the BC only items, perse, it’s still leverage for why a user should get BC. I remember when I was a much younger lad finding BC only items kind of cool since it was restricted. Same with the 13+ items (but those were just cool in general!) Whether that sentiment is still reflected is beyond me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were. A great thing to ask is: What would Roblox implement to substitute its removal?


Maybe some kind of subscription award?

They would be pretty much like Humble Bundle but with catalog items.
“X dollars worth of our-selected items per month!”


What I never really understood is this:

First hat is obviously BC, second isn’t.


I think BC is on its way out. Roblox probably makes far more money from robux purchases than BC ones.

Your arguments for keeping BC-exclusive items around are weak. Just because it’s BC-only doesn’t mean players are willing to buy membership for it. I’d rather flesh out 5 bucks once for the hat I want than have that money taken from me every month for acess to a bunch of useless “features” and items I don’t care about. Like really, the reason there needs to be incentive to buy BC in the first place is because none of its features are relevant anymore.


It was introduced already.

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Looks like there was some cooking around BC 4 days ago.

Yes, all items that were BC exclusive is now available to all users.