Removal of Builders Club Only Games


I imagine Trade Hangout could fix this issue by simply teleporting non-BC players to non-BC servers and allowing the BC players to remain in the original server.


rip trade hangout lol


Will this be going too? @Nightgaladeld


Does this mean that BC-only GROUPS will lose that functionality as well? Or is that the impending future? How about BC-only hats and accessories? Soon to go?

It seems that many features of Builders Club are being removed. I’d like to see some new ones appear. Maybe more Robux ;)?

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No, I and others have pointed out the fact like a year ago that there wasn’t much point in BC games now since tickets got removed and most games focus on micro-transactions.


RIP “Get 1,000 Robux FREE by Completing Impossible Tasks” games. They will finally be covered by real games that matter.


You guys keep removing stuff, what’s going on?


Perhaps apple is involved?


I love this response.

I have a feeling it is just removing old features that don’t make much sense now. Also should be less to test for with new updates.


I did legit remember using BC only membership for a few of my games to make it ‘BC Exclusive’ (when it came out for 3 months) and I remember it working because I got messages saying people were going to buy BC to play a lot so I’d say it worked well in my situation - not a bad scammy like game


We just removed the Builders Club only games feature from the platform. Any BC only games were converted into regular games.


Congratulations, you won the battle :confetti_ball:


what’s the point of trade hangout if you aren’t even bc


I still remember when almost everyone protested against the addition of BC games, even you did Seranok lol.