Removal of Builders Club Only Games


Hey Developers,

In the coming weeks, we will remove the option to restrict games to Builders Club members. BC only games will become accessible to players of all membership levels. You will be able to re-implement this functionality through scripts, but we do not recommend it. Freely allowing users to play games that may have traditionally been restricted to Builders Club members will open up the possibility of gaining (and retaining) more users along with earning more revenue.

What this means for you as a developer?

  • Any BC only games you have will be converted to regular games and players of all membership levels will be able to access them

Please note that this update is not yet live. We will update this thread once the update is live and with any other information needed.

Developer Relations Team


So Trade Hangout is dead now right?

Press Alt+F4 to pay respects.


Now I won’t be making 10 tix per visit anymore.


rip trade hangout games


RIP Trade Hangout
Now I won’t be making 10 tix per visit anymore. [2]


Other than Merely, were any developers using this for a proper game? I only recall trade hangout and “COMPLETE AN OBBY FOR 100 ROBUX” being the only real users of BC only games.



Press F to pay respects


Very nice to hear. The only game I’ve seen really benefit from it is the one game mentioned quite a few times in this thread, Trade Hangout. The only other benefits are the tix, in which… The tix. And keeping players out, which you can do with scripts/other methods.


Not a staff member, but I imagine it’s because paywalls feel awful. As a free user, every time I come across a paywall it has a substantial effect. If the revenue stream is mostly negligible for Roblox, that is an awful tradeoff, and we can get a lot of user satisfaction by removing these paywalls at little cost to us.

These paywalls may have served their purpose in the past, but with the growing size of the platform, reasons for buying BC other than a Robux income for game/catalog purchases are becoming less and less important.


thanks Finally!, there were so much scam games there honestly.


A couple features still stand which I feel, if they were made available to everyone, would only help developers. The group limitations preventing new development groups from blossoming and becoming something that can easily get started, and the NBC 90% tax certainly isn’t helping either.

Let’s hope they’re the next ones down the line to be removed, to help encourage more development!


Flashbacks of past intensifies
Yeah, I’m all in for this. It was a good feature at first, but it was then turned into those “Obstacle course for 100 robux or admin” games. Adios, BC games. You will not be missed.


it can still be re-implemented through scripts, you guys need to stop saying “RIP TRADE HANGOUT :disappointed_relieved:


in fact, here’s a thing

function CheckForNbc(player)
		player:Kick("Please get bc to access this game ok thank")



The problem is we don’t have a way to stop players from connecting to the game (which is why banning players sucks, and Innovation Security’s security only places get a lot of dislikes). Merely has tweeted he plans to redirect NBC players, but I assume a lot will dislike for “not being with the cool kids”.


I can only really see that going one of a few ways. Either Merely lets NBCers in, which floods the place, or NBCers get excluded through scripts, and dislike bomb the place. He could try redirecting them to a different place through teleport, but I can see that also being a case where some may complain.


well i mean they clicked trade hangout to go to trade hangout why would they complain about being teleported to an NBC server


Some may complain about not being in the BC servers, especially if friends are in the BC servers, while they are left in the NBC servers.


I made the Spinny Thing of Doom 2 way back. That was BC exclusive.


yay that means I can finally play thi-… of nvm