Remove "AdChoices"

It should be removed from the website as it doesn’t serve any purpose and is an eyesore


Seconded - I thought it was adware at first. If it’s a legal requirement, maybe moving it to the footer would be viable.


It’s a legal requirement in the EU and UK (possibly California too?), as we require users to consent to cookie usage (and be able to revoke consent at any time). However, moving it to the footer is perfectly acceptable. Perhaps changing the wording to match ours would be a good idea to prevent non-EU/UK users from confusing it for viruses or adware too.



As stated above, this is a legal requirement in certain countries, like those in the EU.

This button seems to be a 3rd party tool, and I don’t think much can be done about it. At least, I’d appreciate it if it’d disappear when saving our choices regarding those cookies. It clutters the website and it’s also distracting me. Finally, if one gives their consent and attempts to click the button again, nothing will happen. This forces the user to reload the page so it works.

In my opinion, the button should be moved to Settings>Privacy. It’s the place that makes most sense.


In my opinion, the appropriate solution is to only ask users for cookies once in an “intrusive way”, as 99% of all the other websites are doing. (Yes, I’m staring at you, Oracle).

After the user has submitted their consent, it should be fairly easy to adjust the preferences afterwards, but, not by sticking an “AdChoices” button on the screen, but preferably on the footer of the website, or another reasonable location.


Looks like they moved it to the footer!