Remove / archive Private Recruitment category

Nobody uses it, it gets a post or two a month. If these were the only offers that did not offer poverty wages, maybe it’d have a reason to exist, but the most serious offers still get posted in Public Recruitment.

I’m just wondering how you managed to gather these statistics as the private recruitment category is only visible to Regular Members and above. You only have the Member level.

As for your concern, that category is for developers who wish to target a smaller group of people, something that the standard recuitment category cannot promise. Even though the eye catching offers are posted in the public recruitment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s useless. I don’t engage in recruitments on the forum, however as someone who has knowledge in user experience, I can tell that the private recuitment category won’t be removed any time soon.


A user’s member status is explicitly not meant to represent how skilled someone is. All Regular is meant to signify is how much someone uses the Developer Forum. This category violates that design goal, and is probably a byproduct of this not being a design goal before the Developer Forum was opened up more.

Is there a reason you’d want to recruit only from frequent Developer Forum users who you don’t personally know? Would you reject the best developers because they don’t use the Developer Forum frequently enough? No.

That aside, it isn’t useful to anyone, which you can tell because nobody actually uses it.

Pezsmistic personally messages me with the full contents of all Regular-only categories everyday just for the pure pleasure and adrenaline rush of violating the Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum.

I’d just like to say I’m not promoting this kind of idea. I’m saying that it’s more of a perk for Regular Members and above. Also I don’t see how the two categories would show how one’s trust level would represent their skills. It’s like saying get rid of the lounge because there are very few posts in it and only Regular Members and above can post and see in it. Except there isnt a lounge for Members.

Posts in private recruitment will be your typical posts in the standard recruitment category as both follow the same post format and posting rules. I really do not see a sense of skill representation here. Would you mind further explaining?

Simple question as answer: for what reason would you want to post in Private Recruitment? (Perceived gap in skill.)

Lounge doesn’t matter, and for the other categories Members can still post there with Post Approval, even in Discussion. This isn’t the case for Private Recruitment.

Anything could be a perk for Regulars, that is circular logic when used as a justification. “Why should we have a Dog Pictures category and limit it to Regulars? Because having the Dog Pictures category is a perk for Regulars.”

I don’t have much else to say, I think the post is self-explanatory so I’ll leave it at that.

I didn’t know about this, thanks for the clarification. It only makes sense because you wouldn’t be able to properly coordinate with people interested. It’s a barrier if you’d always have to go through post approval just to reply to someone.

It actually does and good discussions actually take place there.

This is one use case for the lounge :stuck_out_tongue:

As I have mentioned

Additionally, not all regular members are very skilled developers, the only reason they’re regular is because of active forum participation, quality posts and professionalism (which is not directly related to development skills). In reality, the private recruitment category hinders one’s oppotunity to know more people and hire really skilled developers, however in the perspective of trust levels, a regular member would assume only the interested would really reply and wouldn’t have to handle off topic, inappropriate and low quality replies.

This will probably happen in the future, it still had a lot of legacy content that we wanted people to have a chance to save / move over / etc when the two collab categories were merged together. Maybe in a long while we can get rid of the subcategory entirely. Would just consider it semi-deprecated for now.