Remove Character Transparency

So I have a custom third person camera system but I want to switch between this and the default camera. When you zoom in all the way with the default camera, your character goes invisible. I want to make the character visible again when I swap over to my third person camera system. Is this possible with a method in the default Camera controller scripts?

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Are you saying that the toggle to third person already works and you just need to fix the transparency issue?

Or are you saying that you need both, and don’t have either working yet?

It is not very clear from the post and I don’t want to give you an answer that doesn’t address the problem correctly.

The transparency is handled by BasePart’s “LocalTransparencyModifier.”
I’m not sure where it is in the camera scripts, but I know you can disable it.
Alternatively, if you don’t want to mess with the camera scripts you can simply set the Character’s LocalTransparencyModifier to 0 in some type of loop.

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BindToRenderStep with a higher priority than the Camera specifically rather than a loop. This is how it is implemented in the PlayerScripts.

RenderStep Binding:

Update function:

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