Remove Datastore throttle rate at xbox PLEASE

“If you go over any of these rates your request can be throttled, meaning they will take longer to execute.”

In other words, if you have enough players joining and leaving the game then people will start loosing data. Because the server has reached it throttle limit and will no longer save.

-BUT PLACEREBUILDER! It just means the save will happen abit later!
Yes, and if that player rejoins instantly, then all his previous gaming achievements will be lost because it’s not saved yet so he loads an old data.

I just had one guy loose rank and cash due to this, if the throttle is not removed i’ll be forced to make a badge for every gun and rank that I have in my game. Datastores are just too unreliable.

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Try to cache their data in a server-side Folder for 10 minutes upon leaving

If you are hitting the limit then you are saving way too much data way too frequently. Also you can totally support loading a new data table after an old one has loaded, so the update happening after the player joins shouldn’t be an issue.

I also don’t understand why datastores are a problem for you on xbox and not on PC.


It seems like it has not to do with overloading datastores. It has to do with datastores not saving quickly enough.
If you leave and rejoin quickly, then it doesn’t have time to save, even if I’m bellow data limits.

Yea, just that I’m using stravants datastore script and most importantly, touching the save system after game launch is the last thing I ever want to do. I’d rather disarm a nuke with chopsticks.

It seems like I have no choice. I’m gonna try edit the save system to account for retarded saves.
50/50 chance of getting thrown of xbox before I even got time to play it myself, gg no re.

Always add some form of version control to your save system, even if that means simply sticking a number at the beginning of the save.

Animation Lab used to break if a server filled up in a few seconds because of MarketplaceService API limits

The limits are high enough that you should never hit them.

Unfortunately using DataStore correctly in a performant way takes a lot of code that you need to write yourself and this code is hard to get right and is expensive to test.

If you are losing data because a player rejoins it means your data saving script is ignoring a giant edge case that you need to handle with more code.

Oh just noticed this thread is 3 months old. Well, did you get it working?

It might not have been the issue from the first place.
I started saving more regulary like every 5 min instead of only when player leaves. That seem to have resolved the issue.

In my experience the real thing they need to fix with regards to data stores is that 1% of calls fail.

In general writing bullet proof data store code is really hard.