Remove duplicate games from the front page

So a while ago, @wes_BAN asked if I could make a chrome-extension that would hide duplicate games on the front page, until recently however I didn’t have the means to publish it. I do now, and have. So if anyone wants to grab it feel free. It costs nothing and I ask nothing of those who use it, just install it and be free of Loleris’ omnipresent annoyance.

Basically what it will do is check all the games, and if there are any matches find which one has the highest parent index and remove the rest. Couldn’t be simper. It’s optimized too so you will hardly notice it working.


Here’s a before and after

Thanks for that, I’ve included before and after on the extension page too.

[size=4]I. love. you[/size]

Now, ples

Make it a greasemonkey script so I can use with firefox pl0x :c

@Resync, I’ll see about it.
@Echo, will try to get that done at some point.