Remove lower limit of minimum 25R$ for paid access

As I mentioned as a side note here it would be really nice if the lower limit of minimum 25R$ for paid access was removed. I’d really like to charge a small fee of 4R$ for my game.


And have a whitelist too?


Just make it free then make a dev product worth R$4 that they have to purchase

That is not an option, since they will downvote…


Personally I think 25rs minimum is good, but max should be increased. And a whitelist should be added.

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Most of us on Roblox probably refuse to pay 500 robux for any game. I would imagine on a very small group of people would pay 2,750 Robux.


Good point. Well then is 4 R$ really worth it? Why do you want to set a price so low? You’d only make 2-3 R$ per purchase (depending how they round the market fee). Which means you’d need between 134-200 game purchases just to make a dollar. So I imagine it has nothing to do with monetization on your side?

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I’d like to bump this up as I’ve just come back to this

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I’m going to bump this post as no official response has been provided, nor have any updates been made regarding this feature request.

As we all know today, many developers’ games are prone to dislike botting and DoS (several reported incidents lately). This can easily ruin a game’s reputation, and is not what the developers would want at all.

Having a lower limit of 25 Robux is to me, ridiculous, and seems like a random number just so that there is a lower limit, without any valid reason. Removing this limit would result in more benefits, such as mitigating botting of games, while still making the games accessible to the majority of the players.

For example: setting a game’s price to 1 Robux would prevent a lot of bots and would again make it easier for Roblox staff to track down malicious users/groups who would distribute Robux to these bot accounts, fixing the game’s like/dislike ratio faster, with a more accurate result. Additionally, 1 Robux is almost nothing, but can give an effective way to get rid of botting issues.


Personally I don’t think putting lots of games behind a paywall like this is the right way to go about preventing bots. You have to keep in mind that, even if it’s just one robux, many children cannot get that. Putting games behind a tiny paywall to prevent the issue of botting feels like a band-aid solution to a much bigger problem.


Somebody already bumped this, 3 years later, so here goes nothing. The main reason why you would put the price so low is to let your friend or someone buy the game for cheap. This problem could be entirely fixed with a whitelist, as mentioned before.

I would like to necro-bump this as I think there’s a factor that has not been talked about here.

One very useful effect of paid access is limiting the player count.

Why would you want to do this? Well, if you are releasing an alpha and need some testing, having 1k+ players could really damage your ratings if you happen to catch a bug where, for example, your data gets erased. If you keep the player count down, you could restore data to those who lost it, and damage control would be much more manageable.

The problem though, is that the likelihood for a player to pay 25 robux to get into a game that was just released could be extremely low.

If I could, say, release a game for 5 robux a piece, I would have much greater control over the incoming traffic.