Remove messages in Archive after 30 days

As a Roblox developer, sometimes you can receive messages that you do not want to look at, but all you can do to them is to archive them.
Here’s my example:
When I was starting with Roblox, I got this scam message:

It’s an obvious Free Robux scam, however all I could do to the message was to archive it, which just puts it in a different tab. I already clicked Report Abuse, however that does not change the fact that it’s still in my messages for 3 whole years now.

I do not suggest a “delete right now” feature as there might still be some important conversations that you can delete without thinking, but I suggest a feature that automatically deletes any messages in your Archive after 30 days have passed. This would get rid of scams like that and help clean out your messages.


Archive is it’s whole own tab, and I have years worth of interesting mail that I’d like to keep. If Roblox was ever considering deleting mail, I’d prefer to also have a way to keep some of it.

Maybe a better idea would simply be to delete messages from terminated accounts, as most of the bot accounts wind up terminated eventually.