Remove neon effect on player

I am building a cafe, and in order to achieve the perfect lighting, I have used a spotlight in order to create a bright ambiance in this small area.

However, the effect of the lighting makes the white decal, as well as the player, glow very bright, (Check screenshot below)

I was wondering if there was an alternative way in order to achieve the same lighting without the decal + players glow underneath.

Please let me know if anything is unclear, thanks!



Try lowering the Brightness/Range of the SpotLight settings.

If the decal is neon material, if you add a transparency to it, it can lower the neon effect on it. If you don’t want it too transparent, you could always create a SmoothPlastic white piece behind it too.

The thing is, the decal is not neon material, I’m pretty sure it looks like it’s neon because of the brightness of the spotlight on the decal. I was wondering if there was an alternative to achieve the same lighting but without it making the decal appear neon.

Oh, tampering with the Property settings of Brightness and Range should work, in the spotlight, what are they set at right now?

Add “Bloom” to lightning and decrease the amount of it. This should fix the problem.
Try increasing threshold, decreasing size and decreasing intensity.


check brightness in the studio do this by game>explorer>lighting and then in properties of lighting brightness.

also if you have any pointlights nearby same thing occurs to them go to the pointlight and turn the brightness down

Tysm, haha this totally worked! I guess I understand how bloom works now :stuck_out_tongue: