Remove (Or Raise) Price Ceiling for Paid Access Games

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to rely exclusively on Paid Access game sales. To rectify the issue, I’d like to suggest removing the limit of R$1,000 (which converts to only USD$2.45 for the developer)-or, at the very least, to raise the limit quite a bit.

These are the top selling games on Steam:

These games range in price from $10 (R$4,081) to $60 (R$24,490). While I’m certainly not recommending that anyone price their Roblox game at R$24,490, the current limit of only a couple dollars seems pitiful in comparison to these games. Without the implementation of microtransactions, profit from a Paid Access game is very limited, and that’s likely why there aren’t many games that rely entirely on a up-front purchase model.


The biggest issue with this is the refund (in)ability; steam allows very simple refunds for a purchase which makes it easy for the developer and the player purchasing it. In Roblox, however, this is a much bigger hassle and becomes a rather alarming problem if a large sum of money was paid for it. Simply said, it’s much more safe in steam to take a gamble with a game than in Roblox.


Honestly I don’t think it should be raised too much. Most players aren’t developers, so 1000 robux to them is $10.

Yes, it would allow more freedom with it raised, but it wouldn’t help the players very much.

I also agree with @TaaRt’s points: there’s no safe way to purchase anything and get a refund. What if a user spends 10,000 robux on a blank baseplate? That’s robux down the drain.


This is also a more acute problem with Roblox as most people use Paid Access when they are still developing the game. It wouldn’t be good to buy access to a development version of a game, find that it is broken and want a refund but be unable to get one.

Paid Access is infrequently used as a way to ‘purchase’ a complete game and so comparing the max price of paid access to prices you see on Steam for fully complete games (mostly of a far greater quality and which have high development costs) is kind of a moot point.