Remove pinned threads from 'Latest' list

I think we should remove pinned threads from showing up on the Latest section on
Right now theres 5+ pinned threads on ‘Public updates and announcements’ making the latest section not show any of the latest threads at all.

Like if you agree, post pic of potato if you dont.

EDIT: This is the part I’m referring to


Pinned topics are supposed to be shown at the top – that’s the entire reason they’re pinned. Each category has relevant topics pinned at the top. If you don’t want to see the pinned topics mixed in with Latest, view all categories at once instead of specific ones. The “all categories” sort doesn’t show pinned topics at the top unless they’re globally pinned (we don’t have any that are globally pinned atm)

No pinned topics:

Dis is what I meant:

Im all for having pinned threads, just not shown on the latest section.

Click the pin icon.

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But those threads are the latest. They also happen to be pinned.

Click the pin to unpin it for yourself