Remove plugin comments altogether or optional remove setting



As a developer, it is too hard to make sure that younger users do not fall victim to phishing attacks by visiting my popular plugins’ pages, because I cannot turn off the comments on plugins. The option simply is not available.

The comments pages of most of my plugins are filled with this:

My suggestion would be to remove plugin comments altogether, or to give the developer the option to turn them off on a particular plugin.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my browsing experience and those of younger users, because I would be encountering less spam, and there is less potential for younger users to fall victim to phishing attacks.



Just get rid of comments idc anymore

These skids with the darn bots are everywhere


It’s kind of weird that devs can toggle comments on everything except for plugins. This should definitely be a feature, especially with the amount of bots nowadays.


There is now an option to disable plugin comments.