Remove Seat Cooldown

As the time of making this post, Seat/VehicleSeat Instances have a 3 second cooldown, meaning that once a character gets out of a seat, they cannot sit back on the same seat before the cooldown finished.

Of course, there’s things such as making custom seats with just a part and a script that simulates them, but in this case I’m making use of a vehicle seat, which has already made functions to control a vehicle and would be complicated to replicated and maintain.

Finally, is there a simple and easy way to get the cooldown of a seat removed?

I’m pretty sure the cooldown is something internally managed and done by Roblox — Therefore there’s nothing we can do about it.

But, I have thought of something. Since VehicleSeat has a Sit method, We can check whenever the seat is touched and then execute it to make the player instantly sit on it.

-- Assuming VehicleSeat is a ready defined variable...
    local Parent = Hit.Parent
    local Humanoid = Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")
    local CanSit = (VehicleSeat.Occupant == nil)

    if not Humanoid then

    if not CanSit then


Wow, it worked! never tought of using the Sit function before, thanks! :sunglasses: