Remove the 20 minutes idle kick

Hello! So, I am making a game, and I wanted to remove the 20 minutes idle kick. If you don’t know what that is, it’s something that’s built into Roblox in which players get kicked if they were inactive for 20 minutes. Is there any way to remove this feature? Thanks!

Sorry I dont think there is a way to remove this feature.

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You can teleport people to another server and back again, just send over the place they came from and the players position and then use that data to put them back at the same spot.

This doesnt stop the 20minute kick but it does bypass it to an extent (restarts the timer)


Hi @AAD232007 there is no way to disable this feature.
As you said you can find some others way to prevent that or just make the player jump when is afk for more than 15min

Maybe, calculate how long the person has been in the server for, and if they have been in the server for 19 or 20 minutes, it’ll force them to rejoin, or run a command to make them rejoin.

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Ok thanks everyone! This really helped!

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