Remove the Group Cooldown Limit for Payouts

As a developer, its really hard to get payed due to the 4-5 day limit on payouts. I think that the feature should be overall removed, or at least given an option that is locked when the group owners pin is locked, that you can disable this.

It’s extremely frustrating trying to get payed out (in robux), because this is the main way to get paid. The other option is a t-shirt or gamepass, but regardless that takes a bunch of time to get processed.

I understand that this feature is in place to prevent scam, but its preventing commissions and slowing down game’s development. I am sure I am not the only one complaining about this issue, but this seriously needs to be removed / given the option to disable.

Another way would be to add exclusion usernames; such as a box where you can type in a players username and it gives an exclusion to that user. Could say exception, either way works.

Thank you for reading.


Honestly it’s a frustrating change.

I introduced my friend to Roblox and wanted to give them some Robux but couldn’t because of this new update.

It defeats the purpose of Payouts, aren’t we suppose to distribute Robux to people within the group? If so why add the delay to prevent that?

It must be infuriating to freelancers as it prevents any transactions for 2 weeks with new Clients.

2 weeks is a lot of time to wait for something, think of something shipped from over seas, this is ridiculous and should be reworked.

This is not the right method to prevent scamming and illegal transactions, please reconsider this.

I know that @Roblox means well but you always hurt legit users and it is unacceptable.

@RecaIIe the delay period is 14 days not 4 days


ROBLOX? Please see this. This is something we ALL want…