Remove the limit of clothing a user can upload in one batch

I’m a clothing designer and lately I have noticed Roblox has added a limit of clothing items we can upload to the website. After uploading around 10 shirts I get a message saying ‘‘You are uploading too much, please try again later.’’

I assume this feature was added to stop bots from mass uploading shirts, however this is hurting my business instead. Captcha is already enough stop bots from uploading hundreds of shirts.

Removing this feature would give clothing designers motivation to upload more shirts and sell more clothing. Please consider my suggestion. Remove this feature or at least increase the limit of items we can upload to the site.


How many articles of clothing are you producing such that you’re hitting the limit? I doubt you are able to produce them at or above the rate you’re allowed to upload them at. Are you running into this issue frequently, or is it just for a single batch?


Often, a lot of designers will upload a large number of variations of a single outfit (usually colours).

Either way, personally I don’t think a change to the limit you can upload in said timeframe is necessary.


I was getting that message after uploading 10 shirts and It has been happening for almost 2 weeks.

I have contacted roblox and after complaining to them about this issue, i’ve noticed they raised the limit to 20 shirts. As @blobmista4 has pointed out, I upload many shirts with different color variations.

I have also been updating my clothing store and adding new items. This limit slows down my progress since I can’t add all the new shirts I have made for my store.


I forgot to mention that not everyone is getting this message, I’ve asked two friends to upload many shirts and see if they would also get it and they both didn’t.

I have thousands of shirts for sale so I assume Roblox thinks I have used a bot or something to mass upload shirts, even though my clothing is original.