Remove the overlapping transparency of bricks


I’m working on an auto-generated map, but the water tiles have this overlapping transparency.

I’ve seen a page on this on the forum, however the solution there was to union the blocks. I need to keep the current hitboxes as well as do this all from a script.

What I’m looking for is a solution to remove this overlapping transparency from a script.

If I’m missing any needed information, please tell me.

Thank you!


This tutorial might be able to help you, though it isn’t a complete solution


On second thought, clone all the semi-transparent parts, and make them all invisible (but still have collision), then union the semi-transparent parts and turn cancollide off for the union.

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I’ll try that when I get back, thank you!

A simple fix would be to use the Glass material, which can’t render the transparent faces behind it.