Remove wasted space on Collision Groups Editor window, Please!

There are certain windows in Roblox Studio that simply scale down terribly when docked in smaller areas, and this is a huge problem for workplace adaptability, IMO.

I personally put the Collision Group editor right behind my Properties window, which is docked to the side, like normal. I consider collision groups a property of a part, so it just makes sense there.
But, as you can see in this quick clip…

…The space the editor takes up, is GIANT. The 3 buttons take up a huge amount of space with an insane amount of white space between them. The names/checkboxes are also about twice as wide as they should need to be. It is entirely unwieldy to use when docked to a smaller size window/side panel. There is no reason it should fail to scale at all - It is clear that if you remove the wasted space it would still be perfectly readable, but have more things on the screen at a time (rather than just one group).

I’d love to know your thoughts, and let’s use this thread to perhaps document other studio windows that fail to scale correctly. Maybe Roblox can update them all in one sweep if we get them all out on the table here.

While we’re at it, I’d like to definitely bring up the fact the Animation Editor doesn’t compress as small as the Output - They’re both the only windows that truly benefit from extra horizontal space, so I dock them together. But every time I open the animation editor, the Output window gets resized up more and takes up extra viewing space until I X out of the window.
If Roblox let me size them the same, it could remain in the background of the Output window’s space and not cause an issue until I need it. (Which I could just resize it back up briefly if need be).

What windows/tabs do you use that aren’t scaling right?


Still on my pursuit to find other problems in studio scaling.

This is simply not acceptable, ROBLOX.
Not at all.

The fact that this not only fails to scale but also seems to completely break scaling is not something that should ever be happening.