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Will there be any backup payment?

With all that things your asking for to make the game, I don’t think you should have free builders, or scripters. With a game like this, developers will probably expect payment.

Scripting is a hard enough job on its own I don’t think anybody would want to work for free also gfx is also another hard job (not as hard as scripting or building) but its a pretty hard task to get everything the op wants perfectly.


I agree with you a lot. I do Graphic Design, and sometimes I have to start all over again because my client wants something different. It’s hard to get it perfect but I do enjoy it. If I were to help with this game, I’d require just a bit of payment.

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Why are you only paying a few people? Like why would anyone want to script, or build for free when someone else gets paid to complete the same tasks.

And do you have a backup payment?


I would recommend putting FREE in pricing as all of the left over jobs are for free. Again, I don’t really recommend hiring for free but I can’t judge anyone for it so good luck!

Okay, thanks for your feedback

Nobody will want to work with you without a payment. Especially if its a big game.


I am interested I sent a dm hopefully

There 15% back and that i will offer on the free builders. And if the game make many robux, we will Pay All with Spicefic amount, sorry bad spelling

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