Removed legacy touch controls not documented

I tried using the (unbeknownst to me) removed legacy touch controls through StarterPlayer.DevTouchMovementMode. I didn’t understand why it wasn’t working until I found the following post: PSA: Removing legacy touch controls.

Thumbpad and DPad are the least used. We’ll be removing these from the in-game menu and remapping them internally to Dynamic Thumbstick.

Would be nice if this was mentioned in the documentation:

Similar to how it’s already mentioned here:


Hey @Noob_McDev, thanks for flagging this. I wanted to close the loop here and let you know that the enum page with the deprecated enums was updated for clarity.

Appreciate the call out. Feel free to reach out if you see any additional sections of the documentation that can be updated or corrected. :slight_smile:

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I think it should be hidden from the studio properties dropdown; they only exist there for compatibility purposes AFAIK

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