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This looks awesome! Gives me Clash of Clans Archer tower vibes, so if that’s what you were going for, you did it :wink:


Looks great! just be careful putting that into games, the hitboxes of the mesh will be off. You could probably add this into the background, or make it noncollidable and put blocks inside where you want it to collide. Anyway, nice job!

It’s gonna be used for a bandit camp which will have Easy/Medium/Hard/Impossible and with each one will have a more upgraded defense (Cannons/ArcherTowers and more). Its for a project I’m working on, but yea I play Clash of Clans, and it did kinda inspire me a bit on with what I’m making.

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change the CollisionFidelity to Precise to fix collisions.

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I haven’t thought about doing that before. Thanks for the advice

I like the build. Keep up the great work!