Removing a player?

Hey Developers!

I’ve a bit interested if it’s possible to delete a player but still have them able to chat. I’ve seen a game do this with their admin system, and they can delete their name from the playerlist. Anyways, is this possible to do? I’ve tried a few ways but wasn’t able to get it. Thanks.

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I’m not sure that this is something you’re able to do.

Did those games have custom PlayerLists, perhaps?

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the playerlist was the default one. Contained leaderstats, teams, and the options when you click on a player’s name.

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You can disable the Roblox default leaderboard and change it so the username won’t show, but I’m not sure if what you’re trying to do is possible.

In that case yes, it’s possible.

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But to be honest, I’ve never tried something like that, disabling the Roblox default leaderboard and adding a “username blacklist” for a certain person. I watched how people do it in the past but never tried to recreate.

No, as an option for game admins to remotely disable their username from it.

I’m pretty sure they just did

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As in with a GUI?
Like with entering their username?

In that case, the player wouldn’t be able to chat?

Yeah, that’s not going to work with the Roblox default leaderboard.

Last time I checked I was able to chat… I experimented with this year’s ago

It just deleted their humanoid.

Hm… interesting

but when you do it in console like

game.Players.PLAYERNAME:Destroy() it works fine

I do believe @DeRobloxMeneer’s solution will work. I looked it up and it puts the player in some sort of spectator state, with FreeCam and Chat enabled

Edit: It was an outdated video, my bad

But you can’t make the player not show on the leaderboard if you have the normal leaderboard enabled. Disable the Roblox default and try it.

There is no way to remove a Player object from a game without disconnecting the associated user. This type of functionality was removed sometime before 2014. You are also unable to remove a player’s name from the default leaderboard CoreGui.

To accomplish what you’re looking for, you will have to create a custom leaderboard that removes the names of certain players on demand. Likely through the use of a RemoteEvent that incorporates the method ::FireAllClients

This was most likely done by copying the internal CoreScript code for Roblox’s default playerlist and incorporating something like the idea I stated above. You can find a copy of this code here:

If someone is somehow doing what you’re requesting without the use of a customized leaderboard, then assume it’s a hack that can/will break in the future, thus would not be reliable to use.

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Yeah, don’t use the Roblox default. That will just cause issues @AtlasType

Thank you for your information.

Wrong, doing :Destroy() on the player removes the player but they are still able to chat, and freely move around (without anyone seeing them) but the chats are visible.

Player:Kick() is something different