Removing and editing default commands (TextChatService)

Hey everyone so I have been going over the newish “TextChatService”, and was trying to add some custom commands and edit/remove some of the already existing ones. I mainly wanted to just edit or remove the command because I liked the “AutoCompleteEnabled” setting because I tend to end up adding a plethora of commands and sometimes forget some of them. Although I have found 0 solutions on how to do this for the past 3 hours, despite the API mentioning that it is possible.

I also wanted to figure out if I could make the AutoCompleteEnabled preview Enabled on a command only for a specific Player (Like an Admin) so then regular players 1. cant view every possible command an admin can make, and 2. don’t even think to attempt such command.

There’s a property in the TextChatCommand object to enable auto-complete.
Not sure about the second one though, I’ve seen a feature request for it, but yeah.

Yeah, I tried that property earlier and sadly I cant seem to get it to work unless I turn off auto-complete entirely

I haven’t been able to get this working for my own custom commands, and I’m not sure entirely why but I think it only works on offical roblox commands.

As for this, you’d have to make your own admin script and GUI, since you can’t use roblox’s auto complete. I’ve done this exact thing before actually using the new TextChatService though.
My approach was to make a new folder for my own TextChatCommands, and ask the server what admin level you are.
Then there would be an attribute for on all the commands saying what level you needed to be to run it. Iterate over all the commands, show only the ones you have access to and boom.
The server would still check if you were the required level upon firing, just to make sure you didn’t spoof it to see it, or just so happened to run it without knowing of it’s existence.


Alright thanks so much, yeah you’re right it only works for the ROBLOX default ones sadly hopefully later down the line they add more features that’ll make it easier for developers to add the own commands. Thank you for your reply, ill try out my own custom system!

Weird, it should work. You can report it as a bug in the official announcement post if you want to.

For the second thing, as another person said above me because currently the chat window gets created immediately after the player joins the game, the chat command completion unfortunately doesn’t have the ability of hiding for certain players yet. You cannot also add new commands to the system in-game because of this.
You can create a custom UI with a new system for this though. But that’s a bit hard, so I suggest you turn it off for now.

Yeah i am just going to just turn it off for now, seems to still be a rather new addition to ROBLOX so it is probably not fully fleshed out yet for developer compatability

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