Removing character for RTS

I want to create an RTS without the character. Disabling CharacterAutoLoads leads to the world not loading. Setting character to nil and loading just loads the normal character. I only want the camera, no character.


You can’t do anything without characters, like you said nothing is loading overall, in PlayerGui as well as workspace.

What you can do it to put an anchored, can’t collide and invisible part as players character, then script the camera to focus on something else, or put it “scriptable” to do whatever you want with it.


You can kind of do this, by creating a model in starter player. Call it “StarterCharacter”, and then put a single part inside it. Set that part as the primary part, then turn off its can collide, and turn on its anchoring. Then finally set the parts transparency to 1, and boom you have a non visible, stuck in place, non touchable player.

Hopefully this helps!


You could check for when the player’s character is spawned in-game then delete the model. That will keep Ui enabled, and the player’s character will be stuck at spawn.


-- I would make that a while loop but that's system intensive and I don't want to break someone's game!

(And yes, changing the camera type to scriptable!)

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