Removing my phone number from a deleted account?

I want to be able to remove my phone number from a deleted account. But I can’t access my settings to remove it though!

I still have access to the account. But what roblox says is “we cannot verify the ownership” blah blah… it’s frustrating because i’ve contacted them atleast 3 times and all of them say the same thing.

clearly cannot access settings in this video here

I’ve tried several times to contact roblox, theres 2 other times i haven’t shown above but it’s impossible to verify my phone number to my new account with this issue. Nobody has really talked about this for some reason, and I can’t get help so im resulting to this. Next will be to try and call roblox, which is the LAST thing I want to do if it’s even possible.

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cant they just send you a message to verify that its you?

also do you still have access to the phone number? if so try calling roblox support and explain it to a real person rather than a bot.

I don’t think im too comfortable or okay with calling them but if I have to I might; but that’s the last thing I’m doing, If a roblox mod or admin sees this, maybe they can help me out, I’m not sure, I’ve been trying to contact support for like a few months now, and it’s really tiring having to explain everything to each new support person, only to have someone named “bob” decline rather than help me out further on my ticket.