Removing Shadows

Note that CastShadow for all parts here is false and I’ve tried all lighting technologies (voxel, shadowmap, etc.), as well as disabling GlobalShadows. None of this has worked.


I’m trying to make this character blend in more with the wall. On higher graphics settings, there is an extremely noticeable shadow around the character, keeping it from blending in at all.

Is there a way to remove this shadow, whether it be via scripts or some hidden properties I’m unaware of?

Not possible. That is the ambient occlusion feature of Roblox, and it is strictly tied to the Graphics Quality setting.


Have you tried changing the Lighting Properties, rather than just the Technology?
There are a whole bunch of items like ShadowSoftness, GlobalShadows, etc. that you can experiment with.
Here’s another page with pictures showing what the changes in Properties will do.
Try this one as well.

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I’ve checked all the lighting properties. None of them seem to have an impact on this particular shadow effect.

Change your graphics mode in studio settings. Then, increase Environment[...]Scale properties of lighting. Remove all lighting effects as well.

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Set the game time to the day like: 14:00:00.

So click on “Lighting” and scroll down until you see “TimeOfDay”.

Set it to: 14:00:00 per example.

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This unfortunately seems like the answer. It seems a bit limiting that developers can’t access this feature, but I suppose the use-cases aren’t in a high enough demand.

The only way around this is to use a viewport frame, if you’re willing to do so.

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The point is for it to be dark and with no shadows. Plus, this doesn’t seem to fix the issue either.

I changed the environment properties already and nothing worked out. I couldn’t find any graphics mode settings in the studio settings which helped with the issue either.

I briefly considered this, but I really don’t think I could adjust it to work with what I’m working on. I also remember from experience that the quality of the viewport itself often will produce a bright outline around the object which would be a similar issue to what I’m already experiencing.

Thanks you and everyone else for the feedback. Even though none of the suggestions have worked out thus far, I appreciate the effort.

That’s really unfortunate. Maybe they’ll fix or let you remove the shadow in a future update.

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on level 10 graphics roblox automaticly makes a shadow on corners and there is nothing you can do for it.

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Do you have a line that’s like that ?

script.Parent.CastShadow = true
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No. I’ve checked the properties in live testing and CastShadow is disabled.