Renaissance World Tour - Update Log

Version X

Game has been closed indefinitely due to audio issues & game deletion due to violation of Roblox’s TOS.

Version Update History

  • VIP on sale for 100 Robux (admin/nametag)
  • Queen Bee mask added under extra morphs
  • Fireworks added
  • Mugler mask added
  • Animation GUI updated
  • Cell Phone lights added
  • Conveyor belts added
  • 1 new morphs
  • Piano for dangerously in love
  • Rain system added
  • Stadium updated
  • Skybox updated
  • Respawn button in morph room (commands removed)
  • Act 1 morph fixed
  • No longer teleporting on top of tech booth
  • Stage markers anchored
  • Moderator commands added to VIP servers
  • Tech booth moved to side of the stage
  • Game breaking bug fixes
  • /refresh, /respawn, /re, command added
  • Circle screen & back screen buttons simplified
  • Spawn pad no longer creates a forcefield around
  • Instant respawn
  • Gamepass morphs W.I.P. to being locked.
  • Ambient board replaced (only dark/day now)
  • Mod Call added
  • Stage markers for main lift
  • Spotlight GUI added for tech
  • Expect minor bugs
  • Audio added

Game Link
Youtube Audio Playlist
Trello Update Board

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