Rename #forum-feedback to just #forum

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to scroll the #forum-feedback category (and its respective subcategories) without finding a

“My studio froze! I NEED HEEELPPP”
“How to make Jailbreak?!?”

kind of topic. I think one of the main reasons this happens (other that people just ignoring guidelines) is that the name makes people think that this category is for “asking feedback to the forum”, by a simple name change this could be prevented (or at least reduced).

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I would be able to scroll the forum without finding so many “wrong category” topics.


Or maybe just “#meta-discussion” or something. Still makes sense but enough to obscure the meaning to discourage off topic posts


The problem with that is it has the word discussion. Considering how people can’t even realize that #forum-feedback means things to do with the forum, naming it (in a sense) #x-discussion is just going to make people see the word “discussion”, ignore “x”, and abuse it more.

#forum has it’s own problems, too. It’s slightly vague (is it like #uncategorized in other Discourse forums? Is it a Members’ lounge?). I suggest just #meta or maybe #meta-feedback (combining both worlds).


#forum would be too vague. If it was #forum-suggestions then that would be better.

They are probably acting like under 13s if they are making those sorts of posts, pretty sure most people are aware to go to Support - Roblox.

I’m not surprised that pops up tbh, #bug-reports shouldn’t be closed. Hopefully most people know to go to @Bug-Support if anything happens.

Not going to comment.

I can get what you mean but I don’t see why people can’t read the ToS whilst waiting 4 hours or so to get TL1.

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I like the idea however, it’d still end up with the clutter you mentioned because the poor newcomers just either can’t read the guidelines or just want to post because they think this is a roblox forum for anything and everything.

Not really, they have the mentality that because Roblox staff are around the forum, they can help them with their account or post a bug report in any category.


People don’t care to understand how the forum works, changing the name will not discourage misuse of categories because they “don’t know where [my] thread goes” or “[I] can’t post in the right category”. The category should not renamed if the only intention is discouraging misuse, flag those posts instead.

Simple example is Discussion being renamed to Development Discussion yet still receiving feature request bypasses disguised as “Should X” discussions (something I previously raised including the moderation of these posts, which that thread doesn’t exist anymore and some of these bypass threads still get left up).

People want their answers and don’t care about how the forum works. So, not a good idea.


Bro I don’t understand why people have so much hate for people who are under 13. It is as if when you turn 13 you have some sort of elitism for people who are younger. I was a 12 year old once, and I can assure you I was more mature than some 15 year olds out there. And a 12 year old is just as mature as a 13 year old, which @gamersinternational actually is.


Just because you were mature as a 12 does not mean everyone else who is/was 12 will be as well. The devforum is 13+ as by the law and rules, so underage users cannot be allowed on the forum.


Yes I know, but that doesn’t mean that you act elitist towards younger people, even though they aren’t allowed on the forum.

By that logic I can say, “just because somebody was mature as a 15 year old, means that not everybody else is as well.” Now do you see why you shouldn’t make these generalizations?

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It’s not about acting elitist, it’s that when you invite kids they make forum use hard. I’ve witnessed underage users posting, they either all overreact to certain events or Write Each Word With An Uppercase Letter and stuff like that, just in general do not follow forum etiquette.

This is different, since 15 > 12 so you are legally allowed to use the forum

This is getting kind of off topic, so if you want to continue this conversation pleas DM me.

Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you should generalize things like that.

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The DevForum only allows +13 people, wich is not a standard age to determine if someone is mature or not, but a law that almost every website follows.

The point is that a switch doesn’t get flipped in your brain at 13, though. It’s solely a legal requirement here, so there’s really no reason to disparage <13 users.


That’s exactly what I tried to say in my reply. It isn’t being “elitist”, it is just a requirement to the forum, and in the op I never said -13 people are in any way the main cause of this.

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I personally don’t think it should just be #forum. That just sounds like another #lounge in my opinion (Post whatever you want there as far as I know)

If you find a bad topic, the best you can do is flagging it.