Render distance seems to be centered around the character, but not the camera

I’m moving the player’s camera to look at something far away, but it can’t be seen because it’s out of the render range of the character.

This is not how I expect it to behave. How are we supposed to have freecam scripts and things like that when the render distance relies on the position of your character and not the position of your camera?

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If you need to see objects or details that are beyond the render distance, one solution is to use a tool or a script that allows you to increase the render distance temporarily or to move the character closer to the objects of interest. You can also try adjusting the graphics quality settings in the game to improve performance and increase the render distance.

Well, turns out I just needed to change the properties of the camera before moving it. The CameraSubject property determines what the center of the render distance will be, and it defaults to the camera if you set it to nil.



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