Rendering character in a Viewport Frame does not include animations

Hello, I have tried using the Model by boatbomber:

I’ve seen it also includes the characters animations, but it is not the case for my current GUI.
This is the hierarchy of the Instances:
The only lines I’ve changed/added were changing the Viewport to script.Parent and adding a WorldModel into the Viewport, where the Viewmodel gets put inside. Specifically:

local Viewmodel ="Model")
local WorldModel ="WorldModel")
WorldModel.Parent = ViewPort
WorldModel.Name = "WorldModel"
Viewmodel.Name = "PlayerViewmodel"
Viewmodel.Parent = WorldModel

Help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

I’m not an expert with viewport frames , but i had this exact same problem.

How i fixed this is by putting the model in the workspace , playing the animation there and putting it into the world model.

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My problem is that I want the ViewportFrame to contain the entire character and its current status, like in Arsenal in the bottom-left corner of the screen. I want it to display the character in real-time: if the player walks, the character in the viewport should also walk, if the player emotes, the viewport should also emote.

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