Rendering Roblox Scenes

Making Roblox Scenes

I need help, I really want to know on how to make and render roblox scenes to improve my skills. My main problem is mainly; HOW to make and render roblox scenes. As of, the props, settings on Blender, and such. I have searched the web a lot and I have found nothing that helps with it.

Said again, I tried searching Youtube, DevForum, and Google. Nothing.

If you could provide me with any videos or links it would be very helpful!

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Please add more detail and context to your post.
For HDRIs, you can click here for a YouTube tutorial (Blender 2.8). You can also click here for the website. For Blender 2.79, you can click here for a YouTube tutorial.
For set pieces, you can click here for a YouTube tutorial.
For backgrounds, you can click here, here ( tutorial), and here (this link is a speed design, but I find it helpful to watch others).
Twitter and other forms of Social Media share set pieces together. You can also find some through the Roblox Toolbox.
You can click here for help on making your GFX and renders better!
You can click here for lighting help.
You can click here for another speed GFX.
Here is a Photoshop tutorial.
I assume you mean renders by ‘Roblox Scenes’. These videos and the website should help you. All the tutorials unless stated otherwise are 2.8 tutorials. There are many 2.79 tutorials on YouTube.
Hope this helps!
FallinqSnowFlake :upside_down_face:


As Fallinqsnowflake said above, would you mind adding a little context to your question? It might be easier if you perhaps provided pictures of where you are at currently and asked about specific things such as lighting or texturing, as opposed to asking about something very general.

Apart from that, I would recommend looking at other GFX artists, identifying something specific in their work that you want to learn how to do, and then using websites like Youtube or even the Forum to point you in the direction of how to do them.

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Thank you for your thoughts, but, my problem is HOW to make and render roblox scenes on Blender. I have searched Youtube and the DevForum and found nothing. BUT, I will try to update my post with more info.

Thank you.

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So your problem is how to import scenes from Roblox into Blender? The first result on Google literally answers your question.


Thats- not really my problem- but it can help.

My problem is that I dont KNOW how to make roblox scenes and I cant find any good videos on it.

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So you want like design support on how to make a scene look good?

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Pretty much. I just cant find anything on any website or Youtube video.


What do you need help with, exacly? Do you need help with lighting, models or rigs?

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Okay, I can see Im not good at explaining- lol-
What I need help with is mainly; HOW to make the whole scene and such.

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First of all, you need a Rig. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, just search for “Roblox Blender Rig”, set the rig up and repeat that with how many characters you want in your scene. Now you have to import the models, that you want to use in your scene. You can export them from your Roblox Studio scene or download some from the internet. To add lighting to you scene, it’s recommended to setup a HDRI. I’m not gonna explain on how to do that, since there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube as well. Now you want to bring your character models in and position them. Position the camera and to get the final render, hit F12 (There are also a lot of tutorials on how to change the render settings on YouTube)

I’m pretty bad at explaining things in English, since it’s not my primary language. Here’s a great speed art, that does pretty much everything as I explained

Hope this helps!


Thank you! One question, @Coyann; how do I import multiple Rigs? I have tried this before and it didnt work.

You copy and paste them. Keep in mind you need to go into Pose Mode again, to position them again.

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Okay, thank you so much I will try this. If I have any problems can I contact you?

Yes, send me a message if you need any help

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Will, do thank you so much for your help.

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