RenderStepped, Stepped or HeartBeat for vehicle steering?

I want to place a code which verifies if the user is holding a certain key and if yes - steers the vehicle.
Should I connect my code to RenderStepped, Stepped or HeartBeat and with what Priority?

Thanks in advance

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Only use Renderstepped when you need to block render until after your changes are made. You can slow down the client FPS by doing too much work there.

Heartbeat rate was increased from 30hz to 60hz, making it a fine option for steering.


Why not use a function to check for changes in VehicleSeat.Steer? Or check for changes in UserInputService if you aren’t using a VehicleSeat.

If you are checking each of the above every frame won’t it cause miniscule lag when the input hasn’t Changed?

Because I want the vehicle to steer only while the user is holding a button, so there will be no change in the user input until he releases the button, but meanwhile the vehicle must continue to steer

I am not using VehicleSeat. I did not even know that such thing exists.
But indeed, I managed to achieve the needed result with InputBegan, InputEnded and AngularVelocity constraint without subscribing to Stepped/Heartbeat event.

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