Renditions of a couple SFOTH swords

Decided out of boredom today to quickly model and texture a HD version of the linked sword and got inspired to add the Venomshank and Firebrand. All modeled and textured by me of course.

To make my life easy I just used the linked sword as a base for all of them, and just lightly altered their shapes.

Planning on adding the Illumina and The Darkheart, but with a separate and custom base model.

Edit : Redesigned the Illumina and Darkheart. I’ll be remaking them again but more faithful to the original for the full set of swords later on.

Update : Windforce added

Due to a lack of creative vision for this one, the windforce is just a slight alteration of the linked sword with a shiny coat of paint.



One of the notable features this one has is its guard/hilt top. It sports a steel blue appearance, curved sides and four wind engravings on it, two in the front and two in the back.

Update : Icedagger

Didn’t go too crazy with this one.


sfoth remasted when?
jokes aside, it’s pretty cool


The Linked Sword, Venomshank and Firebrand all look great, but I think you could change the Illumina and Darkheart to better resemble their original forms. For the illumina, it may not be necessary but I think that adding a highlight of light blue (like its SFOTH form) would give it some authenticity.

On the other hand, I think the Darkheart should be completely reworked since it’s far too bright and doesn’t rememble its original form at all; to improve it, I’d suggest you remove most of the purple outlining and keep the colour primarily black. Maybe add a glowing highlight or two on the hilt, but keep it subtle.


This looks great! Fantastic job!

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Thanks for the feedback, as for the DarkHeart and Illumina like I stated I wanted to redesign them rather than attempt to make a remake. I’ll update my post to make this more clear.

I’ll probably add then again using the linked sword as a base and make it more authentic along with the rest of the swords.

These look really good and realistic. Are you going to use this for a gfx or something?

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Nope, just for fun, I’ll probably release the blend and texture files for free here once its done.

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Personally, I would change the heart of the Darkheart to look like an actual heart and change the black color to a jet black.


Once I make the version that’s more based off the original one I’ll keep this in mind, I still plan on adding a emblem and I like that idea. I’ll have to try and find a semi-realistic heart clip-art somewhere.