Renovation Plan For The Floodin' Tower

Hello everyone! Today, I’ll be talking about our new Renovation Plan For Our Experience The Floodin’ Tower🌊!

This is an new year and I’m not proud of what I created so I’m planning to change the current game design for our experience The Floodin’ Tower🌊. I’ll be using the feedback people given. The goal of the Renovation Plan is to address our current issues in our experience then, improve and polish up game design and gameplay.

Future Level Design

Our Current Level Design in my opinion wasn’t great at all. The problem with the sections is, they interfere with other levels in the tower. They sometimes create unneeded obstacles to get to the next section.

For our Future Level Design, I’m planning to add Section plates or stairways with. These are short sections that are found between sections of the tower. These will help separate sections and prevent players from falling down to the bottom of the tower.

The image shown above will be the base design of the new lobby. This design will allow me to add new features.


Our current gameplay was very unenjoyable. Many players would leave after falling down to the bottom of the tower. This must be very frustrating for new players.

For our Future Gameplay, I’m planning to make the tutorial shorter and easier for newer players to understand the basics. An settings option for guiding arrows to show where and what’s the next objective. And a slower start flood rate that will increase overtime.

In the future, generally, I’ll spend more budget in using better planning for our future experiences. So, progress can be made much quicker and smoother.

Thank you for understanding and have an wonderful day! :grin: