Repealing Global Rule 10 For Recruitment Posts

Repealing Global Rule 10


Hi everyone, so recently I’ve been watching the Developer Forum’s #collaboration:recruitment throughout my time while watching this Category I see more and more users post on behalf of someone else who may or may not be in the DevForum. According to Global Rule 10 it states that “In every category except Bulletin Board, you may not post on behalf of non-Developer Forum members.”. I have a few issues with this rule.

Now there is a key word here that means in theory as long as they’re Developer Forum they’re fine" “you may not post on behalf of a non-Developer Forum members”. Meaning in theory if they are on the DevForum you can post on their behalf on more than #bulletin-board but if they’re not you can only post on their behalf in #bulletin-board.

The Issue:

So I get that now joining the DevForum is a very easy process how ever keep in mind one way or another some users cannot join. With that being said I can think of many large Developers mainly Simulators that are not inside of the DevForum. There for they send one of their employees to do the recruitment for them.

With that being said we now know that there are some users who can’t join for some reason but have a successful game where they need to recruit but now they have to bypass the rule. I’m not saying Moderation cracks down on these posts cause I haven’t seen any taken down for this reason. How ever I believe it should be allowed so the Employee who is posting doesn’t have to break a rule just to recruit someone using #collaboration:recruitment.

Edit 1: How ever I do believe if they have feasible proof that they were asked to post a recruitment by the owner it should be allowed.


Please read through everything above and share your thoughts honestly below.

What do you believe should happen?

  • Yes make this rule exempt for Recruitment.
  • No keep it as it is.
  • Open for all topics.

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If you said open for all topics please share why?

  • Seems useless and might as well go for everything.
  • I didn’t mean all just meant some topics. (List below please and why.)

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Didn’t vote because my opinion isn’t a choice.

Personally, I think that posting on behalf of DevForum users should be allowed, unless:

  • The category is private.
  • The category is locked with PA.
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I personally feel this rule should just apply for all categories, since posting on behalf of anyone in any category in my opinion is a bypass of dev forum trust levels, This has also become a problem in community resources where previously banned resources are being reposted by different users on behalf of the owner of the resource.


I think it’s dangerous to open up the flood gates, as DET then have an additional job of verifying that the poster had permission and is truly acting on behalf of the person they say they are - otherwise I can just open a post claiming to be working on behalf of some famous developer and scam users out of data or even money.

I’ve interpreted Rule 10 as allowing you to post for your company / studio / group though, as you aren’t really posting on behalf of non-forum members, you are posting in your role as Recruiter at the company / studio / group that you’re representing. I don’t think this would be a breach of Rule 10, if this is the case that you are concerned about.


The process to joining the developer forums is simplistic enough for anyone to join, if their account is <13 then they should create a new account (that is if they’re >13 in real life). There should be no issue with them being unable to join and post.

With allowing this, posts could be made on behalf of suspended or <13 users. Additionally, some would think it would be fine to make a service for posting in recruitment which is another rule broken.

Nothing should be changed, it is fine as it is.

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While I know all regulars are wayyyy to cool to ever break this rule, this isn’t strictly true if a member somehow convinces a regular to go rouge and post on behalf of a member in lounge, this rule should at least reply if this ever were to occur.

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This rule wouldn’t be totally exempt for recruitment; just slightly modified. Maybe just tweak it so that members of a development team can post on others’ behalf?