Repeat bans for uploading a character with modesty layer


Apologies if this is the incorrect place for this, I have tried to appeal and feel this is a serious issue with avatar creation.

I have received 2 bans for attempting to make a female character that has a modesty layer and attempting to adjust and fix the first issue. I have finally received notice on what could likely be the ban (more clarification would be great) but feel attempting to make a character that is trying to fit into the set guides should not be receiving any sort of ban at all.

With little to no information I am often trying to troubleshoot the issue and this works most of the time because I don’t get banned for the things I upload. Outright banning someone for uploading a character that could be simply rejected with a reason is illogical to me. Not only does this make me feel uneasy in uploading any correction but also in continuing developing humanoid or any character.

The reason for this ban was seemingly the Modesty layer was set a little too low showing ‘Butt Cleavage’ I am unsure if this is the modesty layer being too low or is it too much ‘butt’. I found out ‘Butt Cleavage’ was the issue due to my second ban and 3-4th appeal, again I feel this is unfair on myself and potential other creators to punish someone who is actually attempting to make something correct.

Images uploaded to private so it does not unintentionally breach any rules.

Thank you

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I, as well as multiple other creators, have had this issue too in the past week or so. We would really like to be able to create avatar Bundles but it has become much too risky with the bans - especially because Bundles get rejected at such a high rate.

Also bans are given when a bundle is rejected for any reason, not only relating to modesty layers.

It would be good to know if this is an intentional change or just a bug with a recent update?


I’ve also been affected by this issue to the point where I’ve stopped working on bundles for the time being as it’s too risky. I feel this is a serious issue.

Its already such a punishing and time consuming process to create a working bundle within all of the guidelines, and to get a ban and vague explanation for it after finally uploading is a real punch in the gut. Bundles get “rejected” if they do not pass moderation, this is plenty and really doesn’t need to come with a ban which increases in length for repeat rejections (1 day ban to 3 day ban etc).

I hope this is just an oversight and would appreciate more info! Thanks.


I’ve getting affected by this issue too. Like @Bad_b0y said, it’s a pretty time consuming process and even after following all the guildelines rules, there’s still a chance that your Bundle is getting rejected.

If this situation remains, fewer and fewer people are gonna take the risk of making bundles as it’ll not be worthy the time just to it get rejected and even getting a ban.

Personally, because of that i’ll stop uploading bundles for a while as it’s really risky right now.
I hope we get more info about this.
Thank you.


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!


Any news on this, creators are still getting banned continously. This is really hindering and making people lose out on potential earnings and interest.


Having the same issue trying to create bundles and being banned for the modesty layer, even though I used the template by Roblox

Moderation issues with character bundles is part of the reason so few of them are actually on the catalog, creators don’t want to get wrongful bans that can potentially penalise them. :frowning_face:

Has anyone had luck appealing these bans through support?


Hello, has there been any updates on this ticket? I’m speaking as a creator who primarily creates bundles, a lot of us are scared to upload bundles out of fear for getting unfair bans permanently on our account records, and our UGC access revoked unfairly.

I’ve already gotten a 1 day ban from this issue, and at the moment I can’t risk getting any more bans for something as simple as a modesty layer.

Thank you!

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I got falsely banned twice for uploading a bundle due to “sexual content”, the first time I could somewhat understand as it did not have a modesty layer but it wasn’t recolorable, and the second time I got banned when it had a modesty layer, why is this still happening?

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That’s why I gave up making bundles. :pensive: Getting hit by a ban is too much of a risk. Please let me know if you have any related updates.

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