Replace dialog messes with workflow: Ctrl + H, followed by a Tab does not jump to replace

Ctrl + F, followed by a Tab does not jump to replace


  1. Open up studio
  2. Open up script
  3. Select something
  4. Ctrl + H (To replace)

  1. Push tab

Expected behavior:
Replace dialog is highlighted, ready to type (for replacement. Text highlighted is now in the find dialog.

Actual behavior:
Text highlighted is still in find dialog. However, in the actual file, the current selected text is deleted

This is happening on Windows 10, latest version of Roblox Studio.

It’s very annoying because I use the tab to replace for quicker find and replaces, and instead I find myself deleting my code.

This makes refactoring difficult.


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Sorry, This needed to be posted here.

But yes this is actually quite annoying


While it’s unfortunate that pressing tab doesn’t jump to Replace, I would think it’s even worse that pressing tab changes text in an entirely different textbox than the one selected – that’s a huge UX no no. Pressing ‘e’/‘r’/etc adds a character to the Find box, but pressing tab modifies the script editor?