Replace semicolons in code snippet about TweenService::Create

The following article has a code example that uses “;”-notation for separating table entries:

This notation can confuse less experienced users because they may not understand that the semicolon is also a way to separate table entries just like the comma. Most developers also adhere to the comma style for tables, and use the semicolon style only rarely. On the wiki, most if not all code examples with a table use comma notation, so for consistency this should be adhered.

(Notice also that the code example above has two tables, with the first using comma notation and the second using semicolon notation, which makes this extra inconsistent.)


I think using semicolons to separate table entries on different lines is a common convention.

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I did a quick search for code snippets on the wiki and I couldn’t really find any other examples like that (did I miss anything obvious?). Should it indeed be a common convention elsewhere, in view of consistency of the wiki I would still argue for comma notation everywhere.

I use it especially in modules for asset data, settings, etc (large tables essentially).

This should definitely be switched to `,` because it’s the standard the rest of the wiki uses, as @buildthomas stated.

It’s not a question of whether or not you knew it existed. It’s about having a convention used across the Wiki to remove possible points of confusion and let people focus on the content they’re researching.


Good catch! Yeah, the style on the wiki is to use commas, not semicolons. I have updated the page. I’ll keep my eye out for other instances of this.

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