[REPLACER] A Plugin For Builders

Hello, I’m voxzed this is the first ever I’m releasing to the public. This is a simple plugin I made called “Replacer,” This plugin allows you to replace a bunch of items quickly.

I made this plugin 100 Robux, although sadly, I wanted to make it 30 Roblox wouldn’t let me. I’m only charging for it because I’m working on a game and need some funds.

I plan on adding more features later on, and id appreciate any feedback you guys have! Thank you so much. Here is an example.

Link: Replacer - Roblox


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Feels a bit cheap to charge for it when you can accomplish the same thing with a few condensed lines in the command bar.


Not exactly. It takes more lines than a command bar to ensure it works between model-model, model-part, resizing, etc. I did say it was simple, never said it was very complicated. But for builders who can’t script, I think paying for a tool that could potentially save hours is fair. And, as I said, I’m in need of some funding. I appreciate the feedback, though.

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although the op targeted the plugin for builders and builders are not scripters this would help them a lot.

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You cannot post a paid plugin in #resources. Either make it free or move this to #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback.


You don’t really say exactly what the plug-in does. I assume what it does is that it moves things from a model into a a folder?? Can’t you just make a new folder then move the model in there then ungroup it?

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