Replacing text in scripts with the find and replace dialog does not count towards change history

When you replace text in a script using the studio script editor using the script dialog, the change does not count towards the change history of the script.

Reproduction steps:

  • Open a script with some content in the script editor
  • Replace some text using the script editor (Ctrl+H, replace all)
  • Pressing Ctrl+Z ignores the change made with the replace dialog

Additionally, this bug leads to loss of progress in team create. In team create the script change made with the replace dialog is not counted as a real change, so the changes aren’t replicated to the team create server. Thus, when you re-open the script, your changes made with the replace dialog are gone. A temporary workaround is to add and remove a space, this is still not the desired behaviour though.

I’m running ROBLOX Studio version 0.311.0.156626


I can’t reproduce this issue. Using the replace widget works fine and scripts in Team Create record them normally. Undoing the changes works, but the focus after the initial replace is still in the replace widget, not the script, so the undo affects the text there, not the script.

What OS are you on?
Can you provide the exact steps you’re performing? What is the script like before you make the changes? What are you changing? What has focus when you perform Ctrl+Z?

I forgot to mention that I’m using the replace all feature. I’ve also made a reproduction video.

I myself am running Studio through WINE (Linux), but the issue is reproducible on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Ah, I see it now. Thanks for the repro!