Replay kill cams

I was just wondering how does frontlines, recoils an turbo fusions kill cams work. How does it replay a kill?, is there something recording the players game the whole time?, how much lines of code do you think it is?


You can try this module made by boatbomber:

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How would I make this a kill cam?

You could change the CameraType to Scriptable and try to tween the CFrame although I haven’t really tried it yet

Or you could just change the CameraSubject to the killer like this :

game.workspace.Camera.CameraSubject = killer.Humanoid

I’m assuming you already have the killer’s character
Warning : This should be placed in a local script or it won’t work

The documenation in the post explains how to use the module to record and then play the “video”

@Ruikang726 OP wants to record the moment when the user gets killed and not to show the killer after death

Hi, if this is still a problem have you tried Recording every player’s movement for a time period, and stop the recording until someone gets a kill, if no one does timeout and discard the record8ng and start a new one (Recording ofcourse being an array with players CFrame)

my mind was illuminated, let’s think that the client is in charge of recording THEIR OWN MOVEMENTS, then when he dies and the Kill cam starts, the client asks all the clients for information on their last movements, to collect them in a database of the client who is requesting it. this saves a massive amount of memory and CPU

This could work but also could be unreliable, you know exploiters can just mess around with the specialized movement array to change positions. While yes this is extremely rare case i’d figure id just let you know, since hard-storing a cframe to an array every frame guarantees that its gonna be a little harder for the exploiter to edit all of them