Replay kill cams

I was just wondering how does frontlines, recoils an turbo fusions kill cams work. How does it replay a kill?, is there something recording the players game the whole time?, how much lines of code do you think it is?

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You can try this module made by boatbomber:

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How would I make this a kill cam?

You could change the CameraType to Scriptable and try to tween the CFrame although I haven’t really tried it yet

Or you could just change the CameraSubject to the killer like this :

game.workspace.Camera.CameraSubject = killer.Humanoid

I’m assuming you already have the killer’s character
Warning : This should be placed in a local script or it won’t work

The documenation in the post explains how to use the module to record and then play the “video”

@Ruikang726 OP wants to record the moment when the user gets killed and not to show the killer after death