Replicated roblox storage

I was just about to write an event handler for my game, but then I saw this:
I was trying to use replicated script service but then that came up. I searched it on google and it just came up with replicated storage. I then tried looking for any functions by doing

RRS = game.RobloxReplicatedStorage

And all it came up with was the default functions like :Clone
Furthermore, RobloxReplicatedStorage is not in my explorer.
It’s a bit weird how there is literally no documentation, or even a function list.

Anyone know anything about this?

Hey I don’t really don’t know a lot about this service but I believe it’s got something to do with the Core GUI or stuff like that.

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RobloxReplicatedStorage is an internal version of the ReplicatedStorage service. It is used by Roblox’s CoreScript s for backend server/client interactions, and it cannot be utilized by developers in-game.


Don’t worry about it. It is not meant for developers, but for CoreScripts.

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RobloxReplicatedStorage is just like your typical ReplicatedStorage. It’s used internally by Roblox for server/client interactions in their CoreScripts.

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Yeah, I believe it does as well

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