Replicated sounds programatically played on the client do not trigger the `Played` event without a delay

When running :Play() on a sound on the client, the Played event does not trigger without a delay such as task.wait() if the sound has been replicated, despite the sound instance producing audio.

I am able to reproduce this 100% of the time in Studio and games joined from the website.



  • Create a sound on the server
  • Listen for its creation on the client and then…
  • Connect to Played on the client
  • Play the sound from the client

Example LocalScript and Script, respectively:

local CollectionService = game:GetService("CollectionService")

CollectionService:GetInstanceAddedSignal("Sound"):Connect(function(sound: Sound)
		warn("This will not fire without a workaround.")
local sound ="Sound")
CollectionService:AddTag(sound, "Sound")
sound.SoundId = "rbxassetid://9112758242"
sound.Parent = workspace

Place File:
Repro.rbxl (39.8 KB)

Expected Result

The Played event fires when the sound is played.

Actual Result

The Played event does not fire, despite the sound producing audio.

Here is a video showing how the Played event never fires, using the repro file:

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Just following up on this issue and letting you know that we have a ticket for it in our internal database and is being worked on!

Thanks for the report and your patience!