ReplicatedFirst and replication

Hello there. in short, can I put all my client game code inside replicated first?
As it’s the only place that my framework is guaranteed to load everything without using wait for child tons of times and possibly for gui too!

And I wonder what side effects can arise if I have all my client code inside ReplicatedFirst


I barely use ReplicatedFirst but replicated storage is a way to store modules, remote events and ect. You can put parts models and ect into the storage as it will hide from the server and client, so yes you could use the replicatedstorage for storing props and ect. Hope that makes sense!

Am avoiding ReplicatedStorage altogether as it’s content exist in the server and keeps replicating to all the clients. without mentioning that I should use WaitForChild for every single child which is far from what you would like to deal with.

Also ReplicatedStorage is bad for CPU, RAM, Bandwidth of all the clients for unshared assets. That’s why am avoiding it for unshared client code.

Makes sense I’m not as used to ReplicatedFirst, sorry if I’m not that helpful, there is hopefully someone able to answer your question.

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Hopefully. all what am asking, does using ReplicatedFirst for all my client code can affect my game negatively?

I hope roblox document it’s replication process because all of us as developers. we have to make assumptions or use wait for child for everything :confused:

Yeah, I understand! There should be a answer hopefully it just takes time.

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ReplicatedFirst is used for loading screens I think, since you can disable default loading screen with that

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What do you mean by client code? Is this code in LocalScripts, ModuleScripts, or Scripts? If it interacts with client-only stuff like GUIs, then it should probably be in a LocalScript within StarterPlayerScripts.

As aforementioned, you should put LocalScripts in ReplicatedFirst if they’re being used to override the default loading screen or make GUIs/tutorials. (source)

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I’m not sure that you can store remotes in RF. But most code for the client could go there, sure.

It won’t stop you from needing WaitForChild, though. Actually, it will probably increase your need for it.

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Well for remote events. I’ll just put them in replicated storage. I don’t mind. I just want my framework to start early as to earn time and have more control.

I know what replicated first is used for. But my question is simple. Does using replicated for all of my client only modules can affect my game negatively somehow?

It’s a custom framework that holds one local script and a lot of modules that are ran by it

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I know but that doesn’t stop me from using it for everything and am aware that waiting for instances out of replicated first to replicate will cancel the purpose of it. But other than that it’s a good I think.

But i still wonder if there is anything potentially wrong with putting all my code there

As long as my research goes. I think replicated first is pretty good.

I’m not so sure how hard I would endorse this. All your content in ReplicatedFirst does mean it would be the first instances replicated to the client but I’m not particularly sure how that weighs on load time so it’d be worth a test or an answer from someone who’s more knowledgeable on that topic.

Besides the concern of load times, there shouldn’t be any real side effects. You’d just be taking the majority of your client-side framework out of general replication so instead of instances being ready as they’re replicated they would be immediately available. LocalScripts in ReplicatedFirst only start running after all instances are replicated so you should reasonably be able to avoid WaitForChild.

Client-side replication does have official documentation and there’s a chart outlining Roblox’s replication process from a speculation view, if you’re interested in either.


No, I mean, it’s fine. There’s no real downsides as long as you are aware of the limitations (needing to wait for everything else to load, etc.)

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Oh yess that’s my only concern. But even if that’s a problem.
I might be able to just put in core game stuff like the framework code and wait for the other game code that is inside StarterPlayer to replicate

Otherwise can you share with me the replication chart because roblox is so confusing when it comes to replication.

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Sure thing. Here’s the chart describing replication for the client-side:

Here’s the non-authoritative chart describing how replication works on the whole (from what I’ve encountered this seems fairly accurate):