ReplicatedStorage vs ServerStorage which one should I stored the mesh

Where is the best place to stored the mesh part that I will need when pressing some key and that mesh part will reuse over and over again. Imagine like fighting game that have skill whenever they press the skill, the magic mesh part will come out.

So, what I wonder is should I store these mesh part magic skill in Replicate storage or server storage. Since, I’ve heard that replicated storage will consume the memory to the client. So, I think keeping the mesh part inside server storage is better.

What I thinking is I will stored the mesh part inside server storage, and whenever the player pick character for fighting, then the mesh part will clone from server storage to replicated storage. Then whenever the player using skill, it will clone (or reparenting) from replicated storage to workspace.

This might sound confusing, but hope you get my point. I might go to completely wrong direction on how replicated storage and server storage work. Since I just start using roblox studio just a month or two months ago. But hope to hear from you guys suggestion.

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Server Storage will not be loaded or usable in local scripts and therefore not loaded on the players pc. Big maps that are loaded by server scripts should be put there, for example.

Replicated Storage has no specific behavior, it is a basic storage container for anything that shouldn’t be in workspace and can be accessed by any script. But don’t put things that the client won’t need there as it will increase loading times.

I would store the main copy in ServerStorge then use PartCache so that the player can see it. The reason being is that cloning takes time to do. PartCache stores the object in the workspace so that it will not take any needed time to clone or replicate.

If you don’t want to use PartCache then storing in ReplicatedStorage would be the better option since you will have to wait for the part to be replicated to the client if it is in ServerStorage.


Thanks so much for the link. This is absolute an ideal solution!