Replicating a boat rowing animation

Hey, so I’m trying to make a player controlled row boat where the oars rotate via animation using an AnimationController, at variable speeds based on the speed the player wishes to move.
Upon sitting on the boat’s VehicleSeat (just using it as a seat, not using it’s properties), the player gets NetworkOwnerShip and a Local Script in the player accesses the player’s default PlayerModule –> ControlModule in StarterPlayerScripts and calls:

local moveVector = ControlModule:GetMoveVector()

and applies it to a VectorForce and BodyAngularVelocity in the boat.
This allows float value forces from mobile and gamepad thumbsticks which means variable speeds (as in the boat moves/turns faster the farther you pull on the thumbstick)

The problem I have however, is getting the oar animation to play at the varying speeds. It works perfectly if the Local Script completely controls the speeds but unfortunately the animation doesn’t replicate.
Sending a remote event every time the moveVector changes is likely too much for the server so I haven’t even tried it.
My only idea now is to give up on replication and just have a Server Script in the boat watch the Throttle values in the vehicle seat, while only the operating client can see the varying oar speeds.
Any ideas?
Also, I thought ThrottleFloat and SteerFloat would work similarly to moveVector but when I tried it using the mobile movement stick they remained integer values (-1, 0, or 1)? Is that intended?