"# Replies" button at bottom of reply is inaccurate, shows more replies than there actually are

At the bottom of a reply to a thread, if there is a reply to it, a button will appear formatted as “<number of replies> Replies”, but sometimes the counter is incorrect and shows more replies than there actually are.

For example: The button might say “2 Replies”, when clicking it shows only one.

Repro steps:

I can provide no other information, other than I noticed this today, the 13th of April, 2023.

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That counter could have been stale, just waiting for discourse to periodically refresh values. I see 1 Reply.

Is this updated for you now?


You’re using the wrong reply, the Original Poster (@Judgy_Oreo) meant this one, you’re showing the reply to the post he shows



@VSCPlays is correct, I am talking about the reply above that one. And no, the counter has not changed in the ~26 hours since this bug report was created

Here is a perfectly legible zoomed-out diagram with more arrows and red circles and exclamation marks to aid this investigation:


I think it’s just because they quoted and replied.
Quotes count as replies from what I’ve seen.

just tested it and it seems that they can’t stack
guess it is just a bug.

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This bug is still occurring approximately 70 hours since the original report.


Hey @LuaCow i see it still says 2 reply’s yet there is only one

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This bug is still occurring approximately 141 hours since original report.

5 months later and this is still occuring…

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@LuaCow this bug is still occurring 5+ months later:

(AKA at the top of the image it says “2 Replies” when there is clearly only one.)

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This happens when replies are moved out to a different thread. The thread you link contained more posts at some point but were moved out to a different thread.

We are not planning to address this as we don’t directly own the source code that the forum runs on (this is distributed by meta.discourse.org), and on top of that we don’t think this issue is impactful enough to warrant the engineering time we’d need to invest to fix it.